V Rising Dealers / Traders / Merchants

There are 3 merchants in V Rising that you can trade with if you know how to:

How to Trade with Merchants

The first issue you will run into when trying to trade with merchants are that they will attack you if you aren't in human form - so first of all you will have to get Human form to trade with them: it's a power you gain by killing Beatrice the Tailor.

The second issue is that they only accept Silver Coins as currency - and Silver Coins damage you if you don't have resistance (and damage makes you lose your human form). You can craft Silver Resistance Potion (Ghost Shroom x 32 + Water-filled bottle) or Silver Resistance Brew (Snow Flower x 20 + Water-filled canteen) to gain temporary resistance to Silver Coins.

The third issue is the resistance potions dont let you carry unlimited silver - one workaround is to drop stacks of Silver Coin outside the merchants range and bring him coins stack by stack

The fourth problem - finding the merchants:

Gavyn the Shady Dealer

The first tier (crude gems) merchant, you can find Gavyn the Shady dealer in Farbane Woods. Unfortunately, he is always on the move and so you have to go look for him, he's usually roaming around the Bandit Copper Mine or the Armory areas.

Items for Sale

Berk the Travelling Trader

Just like Gavyn, Berk is also constantly on the move, he sells second tier items (regular gems) you can find him in Dunley Farmlands

Berk Travelling Route

Berk Travelling Route

Credits to A2029 on Reddit for making this map.

The numbers represent how many times Berk crossed that specific intersection. North of Haunted Iron Mines seems to be his most frequently visited area.

Items for Sale

Ottar the Merchant

Ottar luckily always stays in the same place: he can be found at Brighthaven Slums in Silverlight Hills.

Ottar Location

Items for Sale