V Rising

vrising.win is a V Rising database and wiki that contains guides and information on weapons, bosses etc.

Disclaimer: A lot of links are currently not working because what they link to havent been added to the database yet.

Change Log

2022-06-06: Been busy the last few days, but have now added all recipes, how to unlock them, their crafting times and all items relating to them. Database now contains 561 entries.

2022-05-31: Added abilities to database. Database now contains 313 entries.

2022-05-31: Added all bosses to database. Database now contains 243 entries.

2022-05-30: Added Guide: Complete guide to Armor Upgrades (From Boneguard to Bloodmoon). Database now contains 206 items/buildings

2022-05-28: Added all standard (Tier 1 to 8) armor and their recipes to the database. Database now contains 178 items/buildings.

2022-05-27: Added Guide: Complete guide to Weapon Upgrades (From Bone to Sanguine)

2022-05-26: Database now contains 139 items/buildings

2022-05-26: Added: Guide to Dealers / Traders / Merchants

2022-05-26: Added sold by module to items that are sold by merchants

2022-05-25: Added all Headgear (cosmetic) to db

2022-05-24: Added some recipes for weapons

2022-05-24: Added all 日志 entries to db

2022-05-24: Added language support for Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese using official in-game translations.

2022-05-23: Added all 武器 to db